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Vintage t shirts have been the go-to for a while now. This officially licensed Pepsi-Cola design for women was sent to me as the same time as the men’s version that I posted earlier.

pepsi-cola vintage t shirts

As noted in that earlier post, a great way to get a nice soft hand starts with the seps. Specifically, pull back your coverage. If you haven’t read it, jump over there and take a peek.

Nothing changes for this vintage t shirt design for women other than the tee itself being a little bit nicer.

Here’s one thing I didn’t note in the previous post though. Pulling back your coverage in your seps will help you get a more authentic vintage t shirt look and feel. It’s also a great idea when you’re printing water based inks on a white tee.

Vintage t shirts never have a true black on them

It’s worth nothing that if you really look at a truly vintage tee, take a look at the black…or at least what was supposed to be black.

They’re never truly black. After having been washed so many times, inks tend to fade and take on that unique look.

Careful consideration of the colors you employ is important. It can be the difference between something that looks like it was printed yesterday or something that was printed twenty years ago.

Choose your garment wisely

Another dead giveaway that I see a lot of companies making when trying to replicate the vintage t shirt look is the garment onto which they decide to print.

Taking a good look at the colors available to you in this process will also pay dividends in the end. This is important even when printing onto a white tee because vintage t shirts aren’t truly white, are they?

Try to pick an ultra lightweight tee and colors that are a little pale, not so stark and striking. Remember, these things have been washed a million times.

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