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There are many ways to make selections in Photoshop. These are basic techniques but can be put together to give the user powerful control over what they’re doing.

Let’s watch a video to see what I mean.

How to make better selections for better color separations
Watch this video on YouTube.

As you can see in the video, the methods are simple. But when combined with one another, they can become quite a powerful way to isolate areas.

Coupled with the techniques I talk about in using utility channels in Photoshop, they get even more powerful.

Selections in Photoshop shortcut keys

  • Cmd+A = Select All
  • Cmd+D = Deselect All
  • Cmd+Shift+I = Invert current selection
  • Cmd+click on thumbnail = load that layer, channel, or path’s selection

Marquee Tool modifyer keys

  • Shift, then Click+drag = adds to existing selection (if any)
  • Option, then Click+drag = subtracts from existing selection (if any)
  • Click+drag, then Shift = constrains selections to perfect square or circle
  • Click+drag, then Option = starts selection from center of original drag point

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Download the file

selections in photoshop download

Click the picture to download the Making Selections in Photoshop file.

Download the file and follow along. It’s a perfect way to discover how these techniques might help you create better color separations.


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