Stop Wasting Your Ink – Kill This Screen Printing Trend

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Having worked in the apparel industry for so long, I’ve seen many a screen printing trend come and go. Printing techniques, appliques, specialty inks…all of them see some time in the spotlight, fade away, and come back again.

But, there’s one particular trend that remains constant regardless of how the marketing landscape changes.

The local service phone #

The majority of local services (pool guy, lawn care, mechanic, etc) put their phone numbers on their tees.

Ask yourself this. When was the last time you’ve ever called a phone number you’ve seen on a billboard or truck, let alone a tee shirt? Then ask your customer that.

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Shown in black and white to allow us to look at the impact of the layout alone

No one calls these numbers!

Putting a non-descript phone number on a tee is a waste of valuable space. This is space the logo or name of the company should be occupying!

Better yet, with the numbers reported on, this space could be better used for a Facebook address or Twitter handle.

In fact, local searches lead to 50% of mobile visitors to visit stores within one day of conducting the search. (Google 2014) That’s reason enough to push your Facebook page as opposed to your phone number.

But, this thoughtless screen printing trend of including your phone number on a tee shirt continues to this day.

The point of the logo tee

When it comes to branding, the majority of small business owners are dense. Many figure the logo tee needs to have their phone number on it or it won’t be effective.

However, the only reason anyone should put a logo on a tee is for it to be recognized. Nothing else matters. None of the information around the logo matters.

“The only reason anyone should put a logo on a tee is for it to be recognized.”

The logo tee serves only one purpose—to get your brand in front of other people’s eyeballs. For the message to be seen, it’s best to keep it clean. No other fluff around the mark or name.

K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple, Stupid.

The average person seeing the tee is only going to glance at it at best. This is not nearly enough time to read a phone number. It’s just enough time to see a logo.

Hard sell to kill this trend

Alas, this conversation is a difficult sell to the local service provider. How are you going to convince them to listen to reason? Additionally, should you care what they print on their tees? Most shop owners probably don’t.

Perhaps this is one of those opportunities to give your customers a little extra care and attention?

Remember, you’re the professional. They come to you for your professional opinion. Give it and help them look as best as they possibly can.

I do this all the time with my customers (you guys) and I get nothing but sincere appreciation for it.

Your favorite screen printing trend?

How about you? What’s your favorite (or least favorite) screen printing trend? Let us know down below in the comments section!

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  1. Ahhh, the classic contractor tee. So true, nobody has ever called based on the number on the back of a tee. But….you gotta have that number. It’s good; it’s bad, but it’s classic and it’s what makes the composition work.

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