Spot Shot Photoshop Scripts – Windows


Spot Shot, a set of scripts geared towards pulling solid spot color separations in Photoshop.


Spot Color Seps Couldn’t Be Easier!

RSG’s Spot Shot automated Photoshop scripts are geared towards helping take care of everyday tedium color separators deal with. Now, instead of spending time with the simpler spot color jobs, you can let a script do the work for you. You retain control over the exact colors you want it to pull.

  • No RIP needed.
  • Total user control over which colors are chosen.
  • Additional trapping, choking and fill scripts included.
  • Easily place registration marks right into your PS file.
  • Save as layers, individual bitmaps or DCS 2.0 EPS files for easy output.
  • Works in Photoshop CS5 and up.
  • Includes Illustrator scripts to build final output file of individual bitmaps, all on their own artboards.
  • Comes with 2 separate Illustrator templates for outputting DCS 2.0 EPS files. *Postscript capable printer required to output DCS separations.

Spot Shot WINDOWS Version

This version of Spot Shot is made for Windows users but also works on Mac, although it comes with fewer features than the full Macintosh bundle. If you’re interested in the full featured Macintosh version (not compatible with Windows machines), please click here.

For the sake of clarity, these scripts are not the fully featured scripts shown in the Macintosh version video. The Mac version allows you to choose multiple colors at once. This Windows version allows only one color selection at a time.

No RIP Needed!

Save the seps as individual TIFF files! There’s absolutely no need for a RIP in order to output any separations you make with Spot Shot. This allows even the smallest shop the ability to separate and spot color images with just a few clicks of a button!

No Postscript Capable Printer Needed!

Even if you don’t have a postscript capable printer, you can separate in minutes. Output layer by layer (if that’s your fancy) or individually placed bitmaps on their own artboards within Illustrator. The scripts build the entire file for you, complete with registration marks and centerlines!

Instant Download and Easy Installation

Instant download and an installation process as easy as dragging and dropping a couple files. You’ll be on your way to sepping your first job in the matter of minutes!