Easy 4C Photoshop Scripts – Lite

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4/C Process Seps Couldn’t Be Easier!

RSG’s Easy 4C automated Photoshop scripts are here to do the dirty work for you. No more messing around with differing angles and cumbersome output methods. With RSG’s Easy 4C, it’s all done for you and the best part is that the dots are hardwired into the seps themselves!

  • No RIP needed.
  • Halftone dot hardwired straight into the seps.
  • Industry standard angles guarantee a great 4C print.
  • Variable LPI options range from 45lpi – 85lpi.
  • Works on Photoshop CS4 and up.

Easy 4C Lite Version

This version of Easy 4C includes the LPI (separations) scripts only. It’s perfect for those who like to finalize their own files using proprietary methods while still expediting the actual separations process. For the full version, please click here.

No RIP Needed!

By hardwiring the dots into the seps themselves with the angles and lpi already called out, there’s absolutely no need for a RIP in order to output any separations you make with Easy 4C. This allows even the smallest shop the ability to separate and output full color images with just a few clicks of a button!

Instant Download and Easy Installation

With an instant download and an installation process that’s as easy as dragging a dropping a couple files, you’ll be on your way to sepping your first job in the matter of minutes!