Prepping Low Resolution Artwork For Tee Shirts

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Ahhh, low resolution artwork. It’s something every one of us is all too familiar with. Luckily, there are some workarounds.

With money always being a factor, we all find ourselves trying to save in every way possible, especially in the production process. Unfortunately, that sometimes includes skipping on the high expense of a professional graphic designer or artist.

To be completely honest about the entire situation, as artists, we know we’re expensive. We don’t joke ourselves about the college kid looking to build a book. Or the neighbor’s kid who likes to mess around in Photoshop getting the nod before we do.

Either way, let’s look at how to go about finding a workaround to some of the problems we experience when faced with low resolution artwork.

In this one, I talk about how I use bitmaps to solve resolution issues from time to time. A great way to employ this method would be when you’re given low resolution sponsor logos for event tees. I also show how to use bitmaps for creating distress patterns in 1/C prints. Enjoy!

How to Prep Low Resolution Artwork to be Printed Onto a Tee Shirt
Watch this video on YouTube.

I hope you enjoyed this one. Perhaps some day we won’t have to find ways to workaround low resolution art files. But until then, feel free to share your stories below in the comments section. I’d love to hear about how you go about dealing with the issue in your shop.

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Download the File

Download the low resolution file used in this video by clicking the image to the left and follow along at your own pace.


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