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One of my favorite things about screen-printing and doing color separations is that there is a lot of room to experiment. Let me show you a trick you can use for your underbase that’s easy to implement.

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Non-White Underbase For Screen-Printing
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Take Your Time With Your Bases

I’ve said these exact words before in another post of mine about underbases, but it bares repeating – making a good underbase (and any other color for that matter) takes time.

I cannot stress enough, the importance of taking your time in the computer because it’s the least expensive time in the entire process.

Use The Tee Color To Your Advantage

In this particular example, we’re working with a black tee and printing a tan color as the base. We’ll allow our tee color to come through the base in order to darken up some of the darker areas of the print. This is a great way to take advantage of this technique of printing a different colored underbase.

Choose a Highlight Lighter Than The Base

What we’re trying to do is get some depth in our print so the image looks like it’s coming off of the shirt. We do this by choosing a slightly lighter color for the highlight than we used for the base.

This, of course, isn’t always the way to go as every image is different. But experiment with it and see what works best for the situation you find yourself in and you may be surprised at what you can do.

Making an Underbase Quick Reference Guide

  1. This only works on monochromatic images.
  2. Use the other colors in the image as a base for the colors going down on top of them but watch your coverage!
  3. Don’t be scared to experiment.

Shortcut Keys Used in This Tutorial

  • Cmd+click on thumbnail in palette to get selection. (Photoshop)
  • Cmd+D to deselect. (Photoshop)

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