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Since I talked about M&R in my last post, I figured what better time to speak about the work I did for Anatol. Here’s a tee shirt I did the design and color separations on to help showcase the printing capabilities of their Vindicator at Long Beach ISS.


If you’re wondering why the image looks a little off in respect to its perspective, I took this picture while it was still on the press. To be more specific, an Anatol 14-station Vindicator at Applied Pressure, Inc. in Canoga Park, CA.

You can only be as good as the equipment you’re using will let you be.

Well, Willie Nelson plays on an old beat up guitar held together by moving straps and still rips it up but let’s face it, this isn’t music and none of us are Willie Nelson. In the screen printing world, there’s really no getting around how true the above statement is. Yes, we can create some fantastic prints from a manual machine but for my money, in providing a consistent screen printed product in the numbers needed in order to really be a player in this game, you need an auto. In this case, Anatol’s Vindicator is showing some muscle.

Once again, I was tapped to do the showcase tee for Anatol for their showing at the ISS convention in Long Beach, CA. The previous designs I did were fun but I wanted to do something different with this one. Having had years of experience with Anatol’s machines, I knew what they were capable of with a talented crew running them so I decided to do something that would help them flex a little bit. The result is the print you see above.

The idea itself came from the tee shirts you see for sale at zoos. The amount of detail the color separations show and the printing itself are top notch so I’ve always wanted to do some of those tees. The only problem was, I was doing movie shirts like TinTin, Madagascar and Katy Perry’s stuff. Essentially, we weren’t working contracting gigs in that market. As such, with Anatol needing a showcase piece for the show, I saw this as my chance so I took it.

The design and color separations

The white tiger is my favorite animal to walk the face of the earth so that was a natural choice. The drips came from wanting to extend the chin in order to make the image more striking than a simple face of a tiger so those elements eventually worked their way to the top as well. Placing the Anatol text logo in red over the whole thing was done because printing reds onto a black tee without a base is always challenging so I went with that. The graphical logo getting placed into the eye was done simply because that’s the first place people naturally look when they see a face so why not use the real estate, right?

The color separations are simulated process and was done in 8 colors. I used a base, dk gray, med gray, lt gray, white, dk red, red and a pink to get everything looking the way I wanted it to. The dk gray was used to help some of the medium grays fall off onto the tee. I also used it as somewhat of a base for the medium gray as it helps them show up better if the values are correct while allowing me to use the base itself to pop the whites and light gray even more, adding depth to the image. The whiskers were all individually painted in and thickened in order to help me get the white solid in those areas and all of the hair on the edges of the face was manipulated with a tablet to get the face as its own element apart from the rest of the tiger’s body.

We got phone calls about how quickly this was flying around the show so that was awesome. I was stoked on how everything came out but then again, the printing capabilities of the Anatol isn’t something that surprises me. They’re fantastic machines.

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