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Feel free to ask me anything you’d like. If I have an answer, I am more than happy to help.

For Quotes

Please detail the job specifics. You will receive an automatically generated response email, to which you can reply and attach a reasonably sized jpeg (72dpi 1500px) for me to look at. Please do not send massive files for quoting purposes.

Please check the FAQ section below before shooting off your email. There might be an answer to your question there.

Frequently Asked Questions

I normally have final separation files ready to be downloaded within 24-48 hours of receiving workable art.
You can email me the details of your job using the form on this page. Please do not forget to detail the garment type, garment color and your printing capabilities in your correspondence.

You will receive an automated response, to which you can reply and attach a low resolution jpeg (72ppi 1500px) for me to take a look at. Please do not send final art files over for quoting purposes.

Files over 5MB should be sent via a third party service such as Dropbox, WeTransfer, Google Drive, etc.

Anything smaller can be sent via email. Rastered files should be 300ppi (nothing more, nothing less) and at final print size. It is always recommended to send a layered PSD. It does nothing but aid in the separation process.

Vectored files should be sent as Illustrator CS5 files (AI) or EPS files with all fonts converted to outlines.

Please do not send over fonts with your artwork. Converting to outlines is as simple as selecting everything on the page (Cmd + A) and going to TYPE > CONVERT TO OUTLINES (Cmd + Shift + O).

Simulated process separations come as a DCS2.0 EPS formatted file placed into an Illustrator (CS5) file with registration marks, centerlines, job info and color call outs. This requires at the very least, a post script capable printer to output.

Vectored files are supplied in Illustrator format on one artboard. These also require a post script capable printer to output.

A complete print guide with suggested mesh counts, PMS colors and print sequence is also provided with every separation.

If we haven’t worked together before, all separations require a 50% down payment for me to start. The balance is due upon completion and delivery of the final files.

Once we’ve established a rapport, you can simply send me your jobs, I’ll sep them and charge you when I’ve delivered the files.

No worries! I can send over the separations in a few different manners which would allow for output without a RIP.

This incurs an additional file prep charge of $25.

This depends. If I’m booked and your job bumps someone else’s from being done (meaning I’ll have to stay up later to finish that person’s job), yes, I will charge a rush fee of 25%.

Otherwise, no. My normal turn time is 24-48 hours from the receipt of workable art – and in the case of new clients, the down payment as well.

I’m happy you chose to help a cause you champion. I only do this for people who send me work regularly and even then, they do not know until they get the bill and I explain why I’ve chosen to take part.
No. Payments are due immediately upon receipt of final files.