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7 Color Separating Mistakes Rookies Make
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Color separating mistakes make printing anything of value damn near impossible.

7 Deadliest Art Department Mistakes Screen-printers Make
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As a print shop owner, art department mistakes should be avoided at all costs. The question is, do you know … Read More

Why You Shouldn’t Use the Underbase as Your White
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Having the underbase pull double duty and making it serve as the highlight white is probably my biggest pet peeve.

Free Customizable Artwork Guidelines Infographic
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Ever try to tell explain your artwork guidelines to someone? It’s a pain. It’s like trying to explain something to … Read More

How I’ve Never Missed a Deadline…EVER
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Here’s how I’ve never missed a deadline throughout my entire professional career.

My Most Costly Mistake Ever
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We’ve all made mistakes. Unfortunately, a printing mistake in the production world tends to be expensive. The biggest mistake I … Read More

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