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The New Look
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I have been gone for a while but I’m back with a new look! The past few years have been … Read More

RSG’s Spot Shot
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Introducing a quicker, easier way to get spot color separations in Photoshop, RSG’s Spot Shot.

Non-White Underbase
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One of my favorite things about screen-printing and doing color separations is that there is a lot of room to … Read More

Printing Two Underbases
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Have you ever thought about printing two separate bases as opposed to simply hitting your base twice? It works and … Read More

Tips on Making Underbases
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Making an underbase for simulated process color separations seems to be one of the most daunting things to newer separators. … Read More

Making Distresses For Tee Shirts
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I’ve stumbled upon some posts about people wondering how to make distress textures for their tee shirts designs. Though there … Read More

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